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About Us

M&T Sports Construction installs indoor and outdoor athletic equipment. We provide high-quality ​solutions and ensure every installation is completed professionally. Contact us to discuss your needs ​and create a safe training environment for your facility.Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive ​to provide a prompt response and an effective solution.

Service Areas

M&T Sports is located in ​Norwich, CT. We provide ​service to the New England ​area and beyond.



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Indoor Services

indoor gymnasium

Installation, inspection & repair

  • Basketball Backstops
  • Backboards, Rims & Edge Pads
  • Winches, Cables & Pulleys
  • Safety Straps
  • Height Adjusters
  • Rock Walls
  • Climbing Ropes & Cargo Nets
  • Scoreboards
  • P​rojector Screens
  • Wre​stling Mat Hoists
  • Routine Insp​e​ctions & Service

Batting tunnels & ​perimeter netting

Installation, inspection & repair

  • Ceiling Suspended
  • Walk-draw Track Netting
  • Netting Dividers

Gymnasium Inspections

Annual gym equipment inspections ensure ​optimal condition for athletic use. Professional ​inspections cover installation, operation, and ​adjustment, including lubrication, ​backboard/rim positioning and cleaning. ​Receive a detailed report and repair quote. ​Keep your gym equipment safe, functional, and ​ready for use.

Divider Curtains

Installation, inspection & repair

  • Fold Up
  • Roll Up
  • Slope Fold
  • Center Drive
  • Walk Draw
  • Perimeter Netting

Wall & column ​padding

Installation & replacement

  • Nailing Lips & Z-clips
  • C​ustom Cut Outs
  • S​tage Padding

volleyball, ​badminton, tennis & ​pickleball

Installation, inspection & repair

  • Floor Sleeves & Anchors
  • Ground Floor Sleeves & 2nd Story Sleeve ​Buckets
  • Ceiling Suspended Volleyball Systems
  • Badminton, Tennis & Pickleball Floor Sleeves

Outdoor Services

outdoor athletics

assembly & Installation

Football Field
  • Field Netting
  • Baseball & Softball Backstop Netting
  • Wall Pads
  • Batting Tunnels
  • Football Goal Posts
  • Basketball Posts
  • Volleyball, Tennis & Pickleball Posts
  • Benches & Bleachers
  • Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse Goals
  • Discus Cages
  • Scoreboards



Contact Us

M&T Sports ​Construction, LLC

Norwich, CT 06360

phone: 860.941.0405

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